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Created 4-Sep-12
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Fell's Point is a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, and home to a variety of shops, restaurants, coffee bars, music stores, and over 120 pubs. Located on the harbor and famous for its maritime past, it now boasts the greatest concentration of pubs/bars in the city. The pubs and bars in Fell's Point provide excellent entertainment and nightlife.
View of Fells PointFells Point DockBlue CrabHMS Argyll-United KingdomThames StreetAnn Street PierSidewaysJohn Steven, LtdGirl Next DoorHomicide Life on the StreetHomicide Life on the Street 2HomicideCat's Eye PubDining OutWater TaxisWelcome to Fells PointSidewalk DiningSalma KayaksShuckers

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